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Out There - Official Trailer & Poster Art
Staff: KC Canton | January 7, 2013  Post on Facebook

'Out There' follows Robert, played by Conor Marren(True-D) who wakes up deep in the woods on a beautiful summers day. Rob suffering from a head wound with no idea how he got there. He begins to walk trying to find his way out of the endless quiet countryside not seeing any one around. He finally finds an old beaten track, which he follows.



He stumbles along an old farm, completely deserted, it is clear all is not well. Along his travels he gets jolts of memories of him and his girlfriend Jane, played by Irish sensation Emma Eliza Regan(Death of a Super Hero, Fading Light, Love Eternal). Rob remembers the days leading up to his arrival in the woods and the breakdown of their relationship. Out There is a story of a mans struggle to uncover the truth on what has happened to him and at the same time he must survive the beautiful but deadly environment he has found himself in.

Director Biography
Randal Plunkett, the 21st Lord Dunsany, is an award winning director and producer hailing from one of the oldest and most prominent families in Ireland, the Plunketts. From a young age Lord Dunsany was brought up surrounded by culture, which has heavily influenced him to create the complex characters found in his films. Lord Dunsany studied film at Kingston University in London and then moved on to study digital media and digital video at SAE in Amsterdam and in London. He currently works as CEO of Dunsany Productions, an Irish film company based in Meath Ireland.

Official Website: dunsanyproductions.com/out-there/

Official Facebook: facebook.com/OutThereTheMovie
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