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Peter Jackson
Running Time: 169 mins
Release Date: 2012
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey  
Staff: Kaylie Nix | Share on Facebook

What started as a simple prequel to one of the greatest trilogy's of all time, The Lord of the Rings,  has now been turned into a trilogy it's self.

After years of battling over just being able to think of making this beloved book into a movie, Director Peter Jackson is finally able to make all the lands in Middle Earth come to life once again.

There has been much uproar from people, ever since director Peter Jackson announced he would be taking what was suppose to be a 2 part movie, now into a trilogy. Many say this is just another way for Jackson to make more money. Here is why they are wrong.

Jackson has been given the budget to tell the whole story.  Some might think that yes the hobbit is only one book, but it is a book with many stories and adventures. We will be able to physically see Middle Earth and all the aspects Tolkien had in mind by just expanding to an additional film. Fan should not care how many movies it takes to tell this tale, but the quality of the films they receive.  

Jackson is also a fan, and he knows what these stories mean to people all over the world. I do not feel he would jeopardize the integrity of his previous trilogy just to make a few extra dollars. And after seeing the first installment of the Hobbit movies, I know I'm right.

Another extremely controversial topic for the Hobbit and its director was the choice to film all three films in the new 48 frames per second. This caused chaos ever since the sneak peak footage at the San Diego Comic Con 2012. Most say it is too real,  it looks fake. I say it looks amazing. 

We are  given a glimpse of the new possibilities for film making. I think the 48 frames per second with the 3D  is incredible. There is even talks of James Cameron looking into filming the sequels to Avatar in this new style.

I really enjoyed how Jackson was able to add things to the movie, such as the actual Radagast, as appose to just a mentioning of him. Jackson was even able to add characters not from the book to make certain scenarios better, like Azog, the white Orc, who in my opinion is the biggest, baddest Orc in Middle Earth history.

I also loved Martin Freeman as young Bilbo. He was able to embody the original hobbit perfectly and you really got an amazing feel of who he was. I think he really capture the essence of Ian Holm the original Bilbo perfectly while still leaving ale bough room for his own personality to shine through.

Richard Armitage role as Thorin Oakenshield really embodied one of a strong dwarf leader with a mixture or our beloved characters Aragorn and Boromir from the Fellowship of the Ring. I absolutely fell in love with him and he even came across as a better character to me in the movie than in the book.

I would suggest that anyone who likes anything fantasy related go see this movie. It is a great movie to add to The Lord of the Rings movie collection. I also suggest for see it in the 48 frames per second as well as the IMAX experience as well. They are two great journeys. I can't wait for the other two films to be released.

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